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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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story, the deathly hallows part 2 still casting a swell on audiences. it is quite a showdown this week at your local theater. we take a look at the washington monument. front and center, last friday in july, it is july 2011. glad you are with us. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. definitely soupy, thick out there today. >> it is warm already, tucker. >> temperatures falling back into the low 80s. this is something that has been a back habit for us the last week or so. temperatures expected to be about 100 this afternoon. you are mixing in that humidity and we're talking dangerous heat. this is the worst of the weather for the next couple of days at least temperature-wise. >> okay. get going. >> i'm out of here. less a get right to the maps
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and take a look at what we've got. showers, thunderstorms, not here in washington but off to the north and east. you can see those pinwheeling around our area of high pressure. wouldn't it be nice for you can get some of the activity north and west of cleveland. unfortunately, that will not make it into the washington area. generally, we'll be dry and just kind of hot out there. speaking of heat, we are doing it already. 82 at reagan national. 78 in ocean city. a little better in the mount tapes to the north and west. hagerstown is 71 degrees. hazy, hot, humid, heat advisory starts at 11:00 a.m. your actual air temperature, 100 degrees. >> it starts at 11:00. >> well, we'll be well into the 90s by than. >> thank you. let's check in with julie and say good morning to her. >> right you no, a -- right now, a business ride for friends in virginia. when we started the show, no
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one was able to get by, but now in the hov lane, some traffic is able to squeeze by using the right shoulder only under police direction. this is northbound i-95 in the express lanes in newington right across from the fly overramp that would dump you into the main line. northbound 95 in newington, traffic stays to the right using the right shoulder to get by. on the southbound side of 95, we have two separate accidents, one before the exit for route one in woodbridge. the second accident after the exit for route one in wood brim. the first accident allows to you squeeze by to the left. the second accident, you are getting by to the right. unexpected delays in the southbound direction this morning out of newington headed southbound from lorton down into woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. no deal in the debt debate and no vote last night in the house. republican leaders had to postpone the vote for speaker boehner's plan because they did not have enough votes to get it
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passed. >> while the wrangling continues on capitol hill, virginia governor bob mcdonnell is calling on congress to pass speaker boehner's bill. let's get more now with a live report from capitol hill. that is where sherry ly is this morning. >> reporter: good morning. house speaker john boehner will try for a third straight day today to get his debt plan passed. but as of late last night, he didn't have the votes and today is no sure thing eager. the plan splashes spending by about $900 billion raises the debt ceiling by as much. he fell short of what tea party loyalists wanded. many stuck to their guns planning to vote no. that left gop leaders short of the 260 sure votes needed to pass the bill and at 10:30 last night, the vote was postponed until later today. senate majority leader harry
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reid who is crafting a competing plan has already said boehner's deal will die in the democratic-controlled senate. don't expect any democrats in the house to help either which leaves buena parker fighting for votes within his own party. >> i never said it was perfect. nobody in my caucus believes it is perfect. but what this bill reflects is a sip veer, honest effort to end this crisis in a bipartisan way to accepted it to the senate where it can receive action. >> the boehner bill will not pass. >> reporter: treasury officials have already begun working on an emergency plan to prioritize payment and try to avoid defall if no plan is reached by tuesday. but that won't buy much time. if the debt ceiling is not raised, 212 million government checks that go out each month may not be paid out. these are bills to contractors,
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businesses, medicare claims and social security and a lot of americans depend on those. other stories making headlines this morning. a murder mystery in bridge county. police are trying to figure out who covered up the crime inside a temple hills apartment building. yesterday, a neighbor called police to report the smell of natural gas and that is when a woman's body was found on the balcony of an apartment on the first floor. >> we don't know how long she had been at the spot where she was found. >> i have a son i have to worry about. and being that i live so close in proximity to the site of the incident, it scares me and it worries me that maybe my son is actually staying around here as well as myself. >> it turns out the gas owed "was a chemical use -- odor was a chemical used to cover up the smell of the dead body.
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investigators are trying to determine when she was last seen alive. grief counselors will be on hand at a high school today to help students cope with the loss of a classmate. 17-year-old jacqueline shayuth was killed in a car crash wednesday night. she was with two other teenagers when the driver lost control in woodsboro. last night, several hundred gathered to remember the honor student who would have been a senior. the driver we're told had only minor injuries. university of northern virginia under federal investigation for the way it admits foreign students. the immigration and customs enforcement agency raided the school yesterday, served the school with notice saying it would no long are be allowed to accept those students. there are questions over whether the school conforms to regulations for student visas. the school is still open and classes are still being held. in sports, training camp now officially under way to the redskins. their first practice set for
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8:30 this morning out in ashburn. the team made several more roster moves including trading albert haynesworth and agreeing to terms with three more free agents. dave ross is out there this morning at redskins park. we'll check in with him soon. that starts in just 30 minutes. soy a startling confession from an awol soldier. up next, details of his planned tax at an already shaken military brace. out in the open and in plain sight, a massive illegal marijuana farm worth millions of dollars. we're checking more headlines. stay with us. 
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making headlines this morning, an awol army soldier confesses he was planning an attack on fort hood. police arrested him wednesday at a texas motel. he was approved as i conscientious objector of the army this year but his discharge was put on hold because of child porn allegations. on tuesday, he visited the same store where major nidal hassan purchased the gun used in the 2009 attack on fort hood. store cleks contacted authorities because they felt uncomfortable about the purchases he was making. could two americans held in
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iran for two years be near that i freedom. a court hearing is set for sunday for two men arrested in 2009 as they hiked on the iran- iraq border. iran yab authorities have said sunday's proceedings will be the final hearing in the case. a major marijuana bust as thousands of marijuana plants worth millions of dollars were growing just feet away from neighborhoods and schools. the local carve says this was the same pot farm involved in a nationwide trafficking investigation last year and since then, more marijuana has been planted. a renewed effort to get automakers to increase fuel efficiency standards. we are talking an enormous increase.
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>> it would also mean higher priced cars but would you be willing to pay? we'll get the latest coming up. hazy hot and humid conditioned return to the washington area. we've got a heat advisory. i'll show you that. julie wright has a look at your on-time traffic. all that coming up in just a couple of minutes. 
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one, two, three, four, five. >> that looks like fun. front flips being back flipped flips and non nonstop pouncing on a pogo stick. >> it is at the orange county fair in california. it is now in it's thing year. i don't think they're going to stop that person. >> back flip after back flip after back flif.
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nice dismount. >> all the people stood have and watched. >> i would too. that is pretty cool. >> did he have a helmet on? i woulding in the hospital just being sore. all right. so let's get right to the weather forecast. not sure i can outdo that. you may want to be doing flips after you see the five-day forecast because it is just going to be hot around here for days and days to come. >> i don't want to do flips for that. flips for cool air conditioning. >> slowly losing it. this is interesting. eleven days now where we have avenue been in the 90s. today will be number 12. we night not be in the 90s today. we might be closer to 100. the all-time record i think is 25 days so we're nowhere close. 22 days this month. so we've got all kind of of records that will be falling here over the next couple of of days as this will likely be our hottest july in history here in washington.
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heat vied back at 11:00 a.m. this morning. it will be in effect through 9:00 tonight. hazy, hot and humid conditions expected. most of the viewing area here is off to the north and west. you get the idea. the combination of the heat and the humidity will make it feel like 105 to 110 out there. i don't think it will be quite as bad as last friday. this is not going to be a comfortable affect so lots and lots of water. don't forget to bring the pets in, that kind of thing later today. 80 at reagan national. 72 in frederick. a little better off to the north and west. in martinsburg, 69. showers, thunderstorms, one or two bubbling up along the periphery of our area of high pressure here off to the north and east out towards northeastern maryland, we are getting a few light showers. you can sees to pushing into delaware. otherwise, quiet conditions, this system, this frontal system off to the north and west won't get in here any time
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soon. we will get drier air trying to get in here for the weekend. actual air temperature later today about 100 degrees. the air quality deteriorates as well. code orange air quality with winds out of the west at about five miles per hour. 82 your overnight low and here is your five-day forecast. again, this weekend, generally dry. maybe a late storm tomorrow. hoping that will bring a little relief. got to be honest. most of the day will just be dry. 93 on sunday and it will be mid vote around here for monday and tuesday. streak of 90s continues. let's do some traffic. julie wright has your latest. >> were you expecting something else to come after that segment? >> i couldn't remember what to do next. >> really? >> just kidding. >> all right, tucker. if you are traveling on the southbound side of 95 in the main line, here is your deal. accident before you reach route one has traffic squeezing by to
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the left. this is in the main line against the rush hour flow because unexpected delays will pop up on you as you head south of lorton. sipple file for the left in the main line as you continue southbound headed through woodbridge and continuing in the direct of dale city. on the northbound side of highway, you will find the accident activity in the express lane. traffic now able to squeeze by single file to the right in the express lanes in newington. so again, right there in newington at the tanks, that is where we have the second accident on the noarnd northbound side of the highway. main line looks good. no problems to report continuing up onto 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the white house has been northing with both environmentalists and automakers on an enormous increase in fuel efficiency standards. today, there is a big announcement expected from the president. jim engle reports on the negotiates that led to it. >> reporter: president obama was hoping to get automakers to agree to almost double mileage
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standards aiming for another moment like this one in the rose garden in 2009 which raised them to 29.7 miles for model year 2012. but this time the white house wanted much more. >> floating ideas to increase this fuel efficiency standard to 56 miles per gallon fleet- wide by the year 2025. >> supporters insisted that was a doable number. >> 5 # is a sweet spot that is both achievable, reasonable, highly beneficial in terms of an economic standpoint and will meet the president's goals of dramatically reducing our dependence on foreign oil. >> reporter: automakers balked noting that would result in a 14% drop in sales saying there is a high level of uncertainty about consumer willingness to pay significantly higher prices for more fuel efficient vehicles. >> these standards by the government's own study will cost so much more that it will
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result in a loss of about 220,000 jobs. >> reporter: the automakers have been working on a compromise and to press the case launched a seven-state radio ad campaign on the jobs issue. >> a sales drop means job losses and not just with automakers but at hundreds of auto parts suppliers, dealerships appear repair facilities across the country. >> reporter: supporters argue consumer will want the more expensive hybrids because they save money on fuel costs. >> if you force the market to implement certain tech nogs, they will figure out a way how to do it. they will figure out a way how to do it efficiently and effectively. >> reporter: consumers have shownling interest so far. the 30 hybrids on the market open the accounted for 2.4% of sales even with expensive gasoline. just last year are ford sold almost twice as many f-150 pickups as all the hybrids put together. critics say the new standards are like dealing with obesity
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by forcing clothing manufacturers to sell only small sizes. the administration trimmed the target by a couple of mile per gallon and is offering lots of other sweeteners to get automakers to sign on. the dangers of being a movie reviewer. why is kevin mccarthy getting slapped around. >> you get slapped around a lot. i feel like you need to get some of that anger out. one of my life goals is to be clapped by steve carell. >> i like that. >> very cool, very good. >> he enjoyed that? >> i think steve carell did too. >> kevin sat down with steve carell and julie ann moore to talk about their new movie, crazy, stupid love. ♪
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welcome back. you might not think of movie reviewing as dangerous profession but kevin mccarthy has taken it on the chin literally as he interviews the started of the new comedy, crazy stupid love. >> he says he liked it. he talked with julianne movie about how she fines the core of her movie characters but first, he had a little run-in with steve carell. >> you get slapped around a lot in this movie. >> i do. >> lofts slapping. >> ripe gosling slaps the heck out of me in this movie. >> he said you have a loud face so it was a good face to slap.
5:26 am
>> apparently, i have very porous bones because -- and my wife has noticed the same thing because of all the times she shapes me. my head seems to resonate. she said, when i chew, when i like eat anything crunchy, you can hear it all over the house. it is the same. i have an amplification system, i think. >> i want to say this. you talked about it to a lot. and i feel like you need to get some of that anger out and one of my life goals is to be slapped by steve carell. oh, i like that. >> i want to punch you. >> in the face? >> in the face. >> let's do it. >> what kind of interview is that? i punch you in the face. >> a movie that would make $100 million. all over youtube. we should do it. >> which twilight film did your
5:27 am
character see? i need to know this. >> when i told you i had to work late, you went to see the new twilight movie by myself and it was so bad. >> i don't know the twilight films personally. i'm out of the demographic. i watched part of one with mile daughter and she got scared and we turned it off. no judgment about twilight. >> this particular character i loved because it was very emotional. you were going through a mid hive crisis. you have the great line where you say that. how important was that to you to play a role like this? it is a great role. >> i liked playing those complications. i do think that le do. we do make mistake. we do kind of mess things up and sometimes we repair things and sometimes we don't. it is nice to see that part of life reflected in the movies. >> good stuff from kevin once again. >> always gets them to open up. >> getting punched in the face. he will be back in our next
5:28 am
hour of fox 5 and he will have his review of the movie, crazy stupid love and talk about new releases. the redskins back in action. a big day out at redskins park. >> already plenty of action off the field with the wave of roster moves. dave ross will bring us a live report. >> reporter: no amount of arm twisting could get house speaker john boehner the votes he needs to pass his debt plan even as the democratic- controlled senate is threatening to kill the bill. the latest on this debt battle coming up. hi, we're looking to save some money on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less.
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welcome back now. things are heating up out there. it is friday though. we'll take it. >> we can get through today. >> we'll be just fine because we've got the weekend to look forward to. >> it will be hot up in theless. dangerous heat expected around here later this afternoon. we are back into the 105, 110 range with the humidity. before a heat vied that will begin at 11:00 this morning and -- a heat advisory that will begin at 11:00 this morning and
5:32 am
linger until 9:00 tonight. most of the area is just going to be kind of high and dry later this afternoon as the heat really sets in here from the west. there is your morning sat high pressure rad and you can see a few showers overnight north and east of us up into northeastern maryland and in new jersey. unfortunately, no relief here and again, the frontal system off to the north and west of cleveland just is not going to get a chaps to get in here and bring us any relief today. we'll be in for more extraordinary heat and i would say extraordinary because we are likely to set new high temperature records at reagan national. >> what is the record? >> 99. >> oh, well that should be an easy one. >> yeah, we'll hit 100. 78 in ocean city. possible of record-breaking heat. hazy, hot and humid. highs by 5:00 this afternoon in the upper 90s and low 100s. >> are you just doing 99 to
5:33 am
make us feel better? >> exactly. just like when you pay for gas. >> happy friday, julie. >> it is supposed to be light and easy on a friday morning especially in the summertime but that is not the case. northbound i-95 in the express lanes right across from the oil tanks and right adjacent to the ramp, that is where i've got the accident here in the express lanes. tow trucks on the scene. we have another vehicle that we are trying to load up and get out of your way. traffic squeezes by single file to the right. at this point, there is not too much of a backup here as you guys travel northbound from lorton head up into newington. main line on the northbound side is also open. now, here is the problem on the southbound side of the highway. accident activity southbound 95 before the exit for route one in woodbridge. the accident activity involves a fuel spill. hazmat teams are on the scene trying to mop up all of that for you. right now on the southbound side, traffic squeezing by single file to the left. this is against the rush hour flow so an unexpected delay is
5:34 am
already starring to form southbound out of lorton as you travel down into woodbridge in the direction of dale city. the main line on the southbound side has traffic squeezing by to the left as they continue to mop up the fuel spill. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. turning now to the debate over raising the debt ceiling, republicans in the house were forced to put off their vote last night. speaker john boehner failed to convince his rank and file to support it. republican leads are are planning another vote later today. we'll get more now from fox 5's sherry ly who is on the hill this morning. >> reporter: steve, this will be the third state day that house speaker john boehner tries to get his debt plan passed as the clock ticks dangerously close to default. speaker boehner postponed the vote last night still short of the 215 votes he needs. even for the bill passes, senate majority leader harry reid, who is crafting his own competing plan says the bill will die in the senate. default would cut off
5:35 am
government checks to hundreds of millions of people each month including local contractors and businesses that count on the federal government. like it or not, d.c. and its suburbs are still government towns and though the region has been working to wean itself from uncle sam, the end of the line just got closer. >> you know in california, they talk about the big one. and i think in greater washington, this has the potential to be the big one. >> reporter: meeting with the greater washington board of trade, business leaders from d.c., maryland and virginia are trying to make contingency plans. it is not just local governments that are in an uncertain spots, all businesses like restaurants, retailers and car deal areships are concerned. >> what effect will that have on our consumer interest rates, credit card rates? we just don't know. >> everything they do on the
5:36 am
hill affects us. >> reporter: the stow's chief financial officer warns of possible rationing of services and the return of the control board. >> if we are deprived of cash borrowing because we would not an i believe ato pay the cash payments to say metro, i hope that is very remote but that is one thing that we have to keep in mind here. >> reporter: either deal has deep spending cuts that will leave future holes in local budgets. >> when you look at the numbers that are being proposed for cuts, it is in the trillions. >> reporter: arlington county's chief financial officer says it has learned to weather financial storms. >> the county did a good job of weathering 9-11, brac and we came through the recessionary period very strong so i'm confident we'll be able to do that again going forward. >> reporter: d.c.'s cfo says it looked into tapping into the city's emergency fund but late
5:37 am
her learned it cannot do that by law. city has plans to borrow 900 million in october to cover day to day operations until the next revenue check comes in. that is the late here on capitol hill. back to you. >> thank you. police in prince george's county are trying to figure out who covered up a murder. a woman's body was found yesterday on the balcony of a temple hills apartment. firefighters were first called to the building to the report of a natural gasrd odor but when they found the crime scene, they determined the smell was a chemical used to core up the smell of the dead body. victim did not live there alone. there were three other names on the lease but those people were not home at the time. four years behind bars. that is the ?en for the map who pushed a stranger into baltimore's inner harbor. the victim, a 22-year-old could not swim and ended up drowning. the case sat dormant for nearly two years but police recently received a tip that wayne black
5:38 am
who was 18 at the time had been involved. police say he visited the harbor to skateboard and asked the victim for a cigarette and shoved him in. we are checking more headline coming up next. >> first, we'll check the market. a rally fizzled out as the dow closed down 62 points on thursday. nasdaq was up about a point and a half. asian stocks have fallen overnight. the nikkei off 68. we are back after this. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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the search continues for a man with a blade who is clashing women while they shop. this has been happening in fairfax county around northern virginia five times in the last five months. the suspect's first victim is peeking out. the 20-year-old did not want to be identified. she said she was attacked outside of fair oaks mall back on valentine's day even though these visibly pregnant. >> hey, you just cut my leggings and he was like no, no, no, it was my bag. he was carrying a little yellow bag. he was like no, no, no, it was my bag. i'm like how would it be your bag? that doesn't make any sense and that was it. he hurried away. >> keep an eye on these photos on the screen right now.
5:42 am
if you have any information about who this may be, call the fairfax county police department. soy the parents of a preteen softball player are accused of taking things a little too far on the field it happened during a game in connecticut the umpire says the father of a 10- year-old player who is also appear assistant coach punched him in the face because he didn't agree with the call. um perform says the player's mom got into the action too shouting verbal slurs and flipping him off. both parents were arrested for breach of peace. now to minneapolis where a teenager is credited for saving a stranger who fell into the river. the little girl was in the stroller when it plunged down a rocky embankment a good samaritan scrambled down and plucked theling girl to safety. a controller with a baby inside falls over an embank bank machine into the river.
5:43 am
that was the story we just -- an embankment into the river. that was the story we just told you about. we are checking your weather with tucker barnes on top of that and julie wright on top of traffic for you. stay with us. 
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a beautiful start to this friday. it will be very, very hot outside today so try to limit your outdoor activity if you can. talking dangerous weather conditions when it comes to the heat index. for some folks who did get outside recently, thousands of children in gaza city helped to set a wrorld record -- a world record as they official the sky with kites. more than 15,000 of them flying simultaneously. >> the jaixz actually organized this event as part of its effort to provide summer entertainment for children in gaza and also to bring attention to the effects of israel's blockade. what a sight to see. -- the united nations actually organize this event as part of its every to provide summer entertainment for children in
5:47 am
gaza and also to bring attention to the effects of israel's blockade. >> can we fly a kite today? >> no. >> it will lie on the ground and and mel. >> yeah. this will likely be our fisk morning this month where the temperature has not dropped below 80 in washington. that is a pretty amazing number. 80 in downtown washington. 75 in leonardtown. southern maryland, you are not getting a whole lot of relief. quantity -- quantico, a little better. we are expecting high temperatures near 100 today. you will mix in the humidity and it will feel like 105 to 110. this is another day with dangerous heat. satellite-radar, very quiet weather. a few showers and thunderstorms
5:48 am
sliding off to the north and east this morning. that is about it. you can see it slipping off the coast of new jersey. that is really the only weather in town so to speak. off not north and west, we have a frontal system. won that be nice if that could drop down and bring us some relief. with high pressure nosing in here, it will hold that to our north today. there might be an isolated storm later today. let me emphasize the isolated nature of the storminess. the heat dome is back. there you go. as we slide on in, again, the heat index, later today, that should say 105 to 110. we have a heat advisory which goes into effect at 11:00 this morning. hazy, hot and humid conditions back. your actual air temperature about 100 degrees and there is your air quality, code orange. that is unhealthy air quality for affected groups. 82 in town and here is your five-day forecast. more heat tomorrow, hot and
5:49 am
humid, 96. could be an isolated storm late in the day tomorrow. i think most the weekend dry here with temperatures hanging out in the 90s right into next week, right into the start of august here. so the hot streak continues. okay. let's get to julie wright. she has the latest on your weather -- no, on your traffic. i can't do this today. i drop know what's up. >> it is friday, honey. that's all that matters. >> you got that right. take it away. >> if you are traveling southbound i-95 in virginia as you work your way down towards route one in woodbridge, this is on the southbound side of the highway against the rush hour flow. accident involving a fuel spill actually hazmat team is on the scene trying to mop up that spill. single file to the left gets by southbound on i-95 in the direct of fredericksburg. if you are coming northbound, the accident that we showed you last time around in the express lanes has cleared. so lanes there are open. coming eastbound on 66 out of manassas, still doing the double nickel looking pretty
5:50 am
good. southbound 270, haven't forgotten about you. you guys are in the clear. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the hotel maid accused of accusing the former head of the international monetary fund of trying to rape her is now taking her case to the public. her lawyers are threatening to file a civil suit. we get more on this from fox's rick leventhal. >> she says she cries every day and can't sleep but is staying strong for her dot and for women around the world. the hotel maid accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault came to this church in brooklyn for her first public event. >> my daughter, we are going through a lot. we cry every day. we condition sleep. >> reporter: they was met by well over 100 members of the local national and international media including at least 40 video cameras. she was joined by local community and religous leaders
5:51 am
who stood behind her as she spoke. >> that is why i have to be here and let people know that a lot of things they say about me is not true. >> reporter: yesterday, she and her lawyer spent close to eight hours with prosecutors and defense attorney and a translator listening to phone calls between she and a friend incarcerate in arizona. they say the tapes show she did not tell that friend she could make allot of money off the case. he brought it up and she shot it down. thompson defended her position to go public and do interviews with "newsweek" and abc last weekend. >> dominique strauss-kahn silently attacked and tried to rape her. so she is telling the truth. she doesn't have to wait to tell the truth at trial. she felt compelled to tell the truth today. >> reporter: her lawyer says what she wants is justice and he looks forward to taking this case to trial. while he also says it is not about the money, he plans for
5:52 am
file a civil suit soon. >> thank you. you will see plenty of purple and gold in downtown d.c. in the next few days and you might see and hear some of this. >> up next, we are getting set to step into want annual convention. stay with us. 
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we want to say good morning for our facebook fan. day. today it is missy lacka system. she says the highlight is seeing where holly will pop up and inspire her to go visit. should be pretty good today. i think it is about how to beat heat. >> if you would like to be monday's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news and then post a comment under missy's photo. downtown d.c. will look like a sea of purple and gold for the next few days as the men of omega psism s i phi visit the area. >> care p gray houston stopped by to check out the activity. >> reporter: stepping is a part
5:56 am
of the tradition. and you are liable to see some impromptu practicing before the big show friday night on howard's campus. >> celebrating 100 years of the greatest organizations in the world. >> the frat brothers are prompt. they call themselves the q s. the head of organization, excuse me the grand basilisk says this conclave is serious business. >> we love to party but you know what? when it comes to the real business, the substance of the organization, we want to be pay tribute to the good men would have made us what we are today. >> reporter: this isn't just any fraternity convention. they hike to boast they have star power. they are expecting china and jesse jackson to name a few.
5:57 am
a special awards luncheon, honors went out for former virginia governor doug wilder, publisher earl graves and civil rights activist vernon yoard. >> i did not get here by myself. so there are an awful lot of people who share this honor with me today. >> reporter: frat leads are say they've got a lot on irthat plates. they are also focusing on a few fatherhood initiative to mentor young boys. >> we believe that, in order for us to move aggressively into the future, we will have to bring with us our youth. >> and less any brother forget the motto. >> scholarship, perseverance, that is all we're about. >> in northwest d.c. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. nation's largest banks preparing for the possibility of no solution to the debt ceiling debate. that is coming up at 6:00. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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